3 Resources to Up Your Product Photography Game

One thing is true about selling hand made crafts online. It all comes down to the quality of your photographs. You need crisp, clear, compelling product photography to draw your potential customers in when they are searching for a gift on Etsy, to catch their interest when they browse your feed on Instagram, and to encourage them to click through when they see you on Pinterest.

When you’re a new shop, this can be overwhelming.

Rest assured, it takes all of us a while to get good at this photography thing. But luckily, there are a lot of good resources to help you get going. I’ve pulled three of the best below.


Video Workshop: The Etsy Success Blog

This video workshop from the Etsy blog is a great place to start. The Etsy blog also has a whole list of photography resources to help you master the art of product photography.


Article: Essential Product Photography Tips

What I love about this post from Crafter Coach is that it covers the basics very, very well. As a beginner at product photography, it all comes down to achieving good lighting, simple backgrounds, appropriate detail, and consistency in your pics. Just getting the hang of good lighting in my pictures took me at least six months of experimenting. Even now, I sometimes get it wrong! Read through this, implement some of their suggestions, and as the article says, practice, practice, practice.


Article: 10 Questions Your Etsy Photographs Must Answer

This article from DIY Craft Photography is stone-cold brilliant. Brilliant, I tell you. I wish I had read this eight years ago when I was just starting out. It’s so good it would have changed my thinking from day one. It’s not enough simply to take five shots of your product that are essentially the same shot from slightly different angles. Your pictures communicate a ton of information about your product, and this article lays out all of the essential info your product pics need to convey.


There are tons more resources out there – I recommend a Pinterest search on Etsy Photo Tips, which will bring you all kinds of great information. Happy photography!




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