Weekly Roundup – Artists You Should Be Following

It’s the weekend, which means it’s time once again to highlight a few of the great handmade artisans we’ve shared on the Instagram feed in the past two weeks. It’s been an exciting week for Happier Handmade – we’ve hit 5000 followers in just under seven weeks, we’ve had our first giveaway, our Twitter feed has just passed 200 followers, and we’re working on our second artisan interview that will be posting here very soon.


In the meantime, here’s a roundup of some talented online artisans you should be keeping an eye on. Because these folks, they are going places.

Top row: mixed metals bar necklace by by @debbeesplace, glitter ears headband by @penelopeandsophia, marbled ceramic vase by @fettleandfire.
Bottom row: bucket full of stuffed owls by @handlefeltcreations, swan print romper by @shereeandme, handbound leather journal by @leather.mill, and cross-print toddler hoodie by @littlebeansbabyshop.

Is that everything?

Why no.These aren’t all the wonderful pieces we’ve highlighted this week – head on over to the @happierhandmade feed to take a look at all of them. Whether you’re shopping for a gift, looking for inspiration, or just want to feast your eyes on some pretty things, I know you’ll see something you like.

Another reason to check us out

We have fun community features on Wednesdays and Friday, including work in progress highlights on Wednesdays and introduction threads on Friday, and we focus on themes on Tuesday. This week it was moon-related crafts all day on Tuesday.

Also our twitter feed is growing by leaps and bounds! Interested? You can find us at http://twitter.com/happierhandmade.

Want to get featured?

If you’re a crafter or artisan who would like to be featured, tag your pictures on instagram with the hashtag #happierhandmade, and I will find you! Features are currently free and offer exposure not only on Instagram but also here on the  blog, on twitter, and on pinterest!

Come on by and take a look!


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