11 Super Cute Back to School Supplies

Most of the time, I’m really glad that my schooling days are behind me. (And just to note, they’re not THAT far behind me as I was a late-in-life career changer and just finished my final round of school a few years back.)

But school supply season, I must admit, makes me a little nostalgic. Especially when I see the super cute stuff that kids get to choose from today! Where were our ombre-colored notebooks and cute erasers shaped like emojis? I got a trapper keeper and some folders and maybe a pencil case. Done.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite finds from recent school supply posts on Pinterest. It’s ok if you get some of them just for yourself and not for the kids. I won’t tell anyone.


First row: erasers are much less basic with these beauties from Kate Spade, DIY for how to make your simple clipboards gorgeous from lovelyindeed, , animal rulers rule from Inspire Lovely on etsy, cutest ever fox backpack from Zulily.

Second row: simplified planner from Emily Ley, pastel notebooks from mochithings

Third row: multi colored gel pens from Pilot, awesome tribal stretch notebook cover from sewingtheABCs on etsy, Shakespeare pencil set from six0sixdesign on etsy, goldfish flash drive from little dutch shop on etsy



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