Weekend Roundup – Handmade Artisans You Should Be Following!

It’s been a busy few weeks at Happier Handmade. Our IG feed is fast approaching 13k, and our Twitter feed is quickly approaching a major milestone of its own with 1,000 followers in sight! I’m very excited to see both sides of our social media taking off so well!

We’ve continued to post three pics a day of great artisans who make handmade goods on our instagram feed, and I want to take a few minutes out of this weekend to share some of my recent favorites.

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Here are a few of my favorites from the last week.

Top row:star whale watercolor from @eroseimagery, sweater cabled coffee mugs from @leftofrose, and Halloween doll from @bashpetite
Second row: birch pendant necklace from @emilyjdesign, minimalist bracelet from @juneandivy, and handbound journal from@audrarobin.
Third row: mimosa bath bombs from @ohmycheeky, scented wax melt from @thescentedsquirrel, and amazing galaxy painting from @boundlove.
Fourth row: Hand stamped bracelet cuff from @upcycled_faith, blue glass earrings from @mtnittanycreations, mountain pendant from @peak_jewellery, and cinema watercolor from @alexandracampbellart

Is that everything?

Why no, it isn’t! We continue to feature three artisans a day, every day, with a wide variety of items. Hop on over to the Happier Handmade feed on Instagram to have a look.

Another reason to check us out

Our twitter feed is growing by leaps and bounds! Interested? You can find the Happier Handmade Twitter feed at http://twitter.com/happierhandmade.

Want to get featured?

If you’re a crafter or artisan who would like to be featured, we have recently launched a signup for paid features! You can choose from a single feature, two features over two months, or a feature with a blog interview. Click here to go sign up!

Come on by and take a look!

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