Artisan Interview – REDefined Stitch Lines

This month’s artisan interview features a woman with a mission and a great story to go with it – introducing StephieLynn from REDefined Stitch Lines, who makes incredible statement necklaces in bright, vibrant colors, and also makes skirts and clutches.


Here is part of our conversation.

Q: Tell us about @redefinedstitchlines and its mission. What is your story?
RSL is a mission-driven apparel and accessories brand, created and designed to salute those who are (undetectably) fighting autoimmune diseases and the families who provide them with the love and support to get through their fight. This is a fight StephieLynn has been fighting since 2009, sharing her story with others by being an ambassador for DeKalb Medicals Joint Solutions Center.
Q: How did you get started making jewelry, scarfs, and skirts? What else do you make?
I’ve always had my own sense of style and loved to be completely creative with it. But in 2009 when I was diagnosed with RA (Rheumatoid Arthritis), honestly style was the last thing on my mind. I was focused instead on getting though my daily pain without worrying those caring for me any more than they already were. After being diagnosed I fell into a depression — life kept on, but the life I had known a just month prior was no longer. I didn’t want to wear that depression out into the waiting rooms of the doctor’s offices. Offices where the patients who were thirty, forty, even fifty years my senior while I sit amongst them at just thirty!  If they weren’t depressed then why should I be? I instead chose not to wallow in that depression; I remembered one thing that I had always loved that made me happy….that was my sense of style. That would always pick up my spirits because I could be as creative as I wanted, but because of RA destroying my joints I was limited to wearing sweats suits.

This was boring to me and didn’t lift my spirits. So I asked my grandfather if I could have my grandmother’s old sewing machine and he said yes. I decided to make me something. I really didn’t have an idea I was just going to sew. I made a scarf and then a necklace and that changed the look of those boring sweats. This changed the way I felt even when I was in the worst of pains. At my next doctor’s appointment I wore a scarf and everyone loved it. This gave me the opportunity to talk to others about me being so young living with RA and when I would walk by a mirror I felt like I looked…good!

After creating my first necklace and scarf, I wanted more. I wanted out of those sweats, so I dug into my grandmothers sewing stash and found some old patterns and some online videos and then added skirts to the mix. And there you have it my style had been REdefined.  So to date my necklaces are the most popular then the scarf and matching skirts.

Q: Where and how do you work? Do you have a studio? Do you have a set schedule every day or is your work more fluid?
RSL is operated out of my home, due to the uncertainty of RA and its inconsistent flares. This gives me the freedom I need to care for myself.

Q: How are you getting through the holiday rush this year? Any tips to share with other creatives?
This is actually RSL’s first holiday year. And we are getting through with much planning. We’re creating stock items (only for the holidays), limiting custom items until December 1st. We are also promoting through social media and email blasts.

Q: Your necklaces focus on a similar and highly striking shape. Can you tell us anything about this and how you came to use that as your signature look?
I create what I love! For most of my life people would say I was quite…well not anymore. When I walk into a room with one of my necklaces on it speaks loud! And I love it.

I created the shape out of desperation. I desire to be different. I found this shapes inspiration from a butterfly and a woman’s earring and just combined the two. This to me represents the cycle of the butterfly blooming into full life. It is the essence of what has happened to me. Every time I wear one it amazes me, because one, I’m using the hands doctors told me would be deformed by now and two, everyone sees something different in the shape.

Q: What are you currently reading, listening to, or looking at to fuel your creativity?

I’m fueled by colors and my love for music. I find inspiration in most anything I see — leaves on the ground, a uniquely designed shirt, shoes, or anything. Music gets me in a zone and that’s any kind of music, I love it all just about. And lastly a drive to nowhere will yield tons of creativity for me.
Q: What else would you like our readers to know? (How can they find you, etc?)
Redefined Stitch Lines (RSL) is a brand for those fighting and auto immune disease and those fighting to redefine the lines developed throughout life’s journey to divine purpose. And when you support me, you support me in encouraging others to REdefine themselves no matter what they’re faced with.
To read and see more about Redefined Stitch Lines please visit

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