3 Posts A New Etsy Shop Owner Needs To Read

New to Etsy? There are lots of great posts that help you understand the bare basics of getting started. But aside from setting up your shop, adding listings, and filling in your shop policies, there are some great tips to help you get your shop in tip-top shape.

I’ll be honest – I’ve been doing this for years and I still read a lot of blog posts and articles about how to get better at selling on Etsy. Here are three that I really like to help those of you who are newer to this! FullSizeRender(7)

Creating Product Listings that Sell, from Elan Blog Studio

This is a great post that covers all of the basics – how to nail your title, description, and images to get your listings out there and get them noticed. All the basics, covered briefly and succinctly. Go take a look!

Grow Your Traffic with 6 Etsy Photography Tips, from Crafter Coach

This post really covers all of the basics of what might be holding you back from taking great, stunning, compelling product pictures that just reach out to your potential customer and make them want to click through to see more. This truly is the heart of making sales on Etsy – no matter how well you do everything else, if your pictures aren’t quite good enough, you won’t get the sale.

20 Juicy Tips to Increase Your Sales on Etsy, from TwelveSkip

I love this post from TwelveSkip because it takes the info mentioned in the previous two articles and starts to go a little more into detail. Now that you’ve got your listings set up, your pictures in place, and your shop front started, what’s next? Read this one to find out a little more about how to make your work stand out.


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