Weekly Roundup: Handmade Artists You Should Be Following

It’s the weekend, which means it’s time once again to highlight a few of the great handmade artisans we’ve shared on the Happier Handmade Instagram feed in the past week. I’m very excited by how our community continues to grow!

PicMonkey Image.png

Here are a few of the talented artisans we’ve featured on the Happier Handmade Instagram feed this week!

 Top row: gorgeous digital print maps by @modernmapshop, beaded bracelet by @sunsetstyleandco
Second row: phone cases by @modernandvintage, leather bows by @hellocharleybows, embroidered stars by @annie_and_wilf
Bottom row: mountains woodwork by @madewithbearhands, mountain banner by @cactus_and_co, assymetrical skirt by @purplefishbowl

Is that everything?

Why no.These aren’t all the wonderful pieces we’ve highlighted this week – head on over to the @happierhandmade feed to take a look at all of them. Whether you’re shopping for a gift, looking for inspiration, or just want to feast your eyes on some pretty things, I know you’ll see something you like.

Another reason to check us out

We have fun community features on Wednesdays and Friday, including work in progress highlights on Wednesdays and introduction threads on Friday, and we focus on themes on Tuesday. This week it was mountain-related crafts all day on Tuesday.

Also our twitter feed is growing by leaps and bounds! Interested? You can find the Happier Handmade Twitter feed at http://twitter.com/happierhandmade.

Want to get featured?

If you’re a crafter or artisan who would like to be featured, tag your pictures on instagram with the hashtag #happierhandmade, and I will find you! Features are currently free and offer exposure not only on Instagram but also here on the  blog, on twitter, and on pinterest!

Come on by and take a look!


Crafting is Good For You!

blogpost_mentalhealth.pngDid you see the recent article about how handcrafting is good for your mental health? According to researcher Betsan Corkhill, activities such as knitting can have an effect on the brain similar to meditation, offering “significant psychological and social benefits, which can contribute to well-being and quality of life.”

Being creative, whether via sewing, knitting, gardening, cooking, or other activities, can increase dopamine levels in the brain, leading to an increased sense of well-being. Another recent study cited by CNN shared that crafting can help relieve the suffering of those facing depression, chronic pain, and anxiety.

I’ll be honest: although I sew and create for many reasons, one of them is that it helps me tremendously to deal with a tendency towards anxiety. My husband struggles from similar issues and we’ve recently been talking about whether he could try knitting as a way to just quiet his brain and focus on being more present in the moment. I know when I am sewing the binding on a quilt, planning a new makeup bag, or creating a beautiful grouping of plants in the garden I feel calmer, quieter, and more focused. My monkey brain, as the saying go, shuts up for a while and gives me some peace. I suspect many people feel this way!

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