Artisan Interview: Beans Shack

Hello fellow creatives! Today we’re delighted to bring you a look behind the scenes with Irene, the creator and designer of online shop Beans Shack. See her shop at, and her great Instagram feed at



Q: Tell us about @beansshack. What do you do, and how does your work reflect who you are?
A: Beans Shack was created from my childhood love of crocheting, a hobby my mom taught me when I was about 8. Today, it is my Etsy store for selling crocheted items such as cup cozies, headbands, and drawstring bags. My love of the beach and earth tones can be seen in my work. I love creating things with shells, palm trees, and using turquoise yarn in quite a few of my items.

Q: How did you get started?
A: My oldest daughter introduced me to Etsy, where I started out just shopping. Eventually, as I created more and more items, friends and family started asking for some of the items I made. Etsy made it easy to share my creations with others.

Q: Where and how do you work? Do you have a studio? Do you have a set schedule every day or is your work more fluid?
A: I work from home. As the mother of three children and a dog, I keep myself busy during the day while the kids are at school. Our house has a craft room that I have taken over for my crocheting.

Q: What are you currently reading, listening to, or looking at to fuel your creativity?
A: While I crochet, I enjoy watching I Love Lucy and The Golden Girls.

Photo Mar 21, 10 14 04 AM

Q: How long have you been in business and what are you discovering so far about running a handmade business? Is there anything you wish someone had told you?
A: Beans Shack has been open on Etsy for three years. Running a handmade business involves creating items that a variety of people will enjoy (from yoga socks to baby dresses). While I appreciate every person who purchases from Beans Shack, I wish someone had told me that sales won’t happen as frequently as you would like at first.

Photo Mar 21, 10 13 42 AM

Q: How do you balance creating with the rest of a busy life?
A: Between taking the kids to school, endless laundry, and walking our dog, I crochet. It takes up my free time, but it is enjoyable and relaxing to sit down with my hooks after a long day.

Q: Do you have any plans for new product lines or upcoming specials that you’d like to share?
A: Seasonal items are released before holidays, and Easter items are now available! I will be at three craft shows this spring and look forward to more opportunities in the summer. I do offer a coupon with the code FREEOVER20 for free shipping with any purchase totaling more than $20.
Photo Mar 21, 10 14 54 AM
Q: What else would you like our readers to know? (How can they find you, etc.)
A: I am on Etsy as BeansShack and Instagram @beansshack. Also check me out on Facebook! If you are looking for a certain size, different colors, or a different item, contact me for custom creations. I love getting item requests, and I can complete them at my own discretion if I have the time available.

Thank you for visiting! And just one last note — here is my personal favorite item from Irene’s instagram feed – this adorable little Charlie Brown cup cozy. How cute is this? Please go visit her feed and leave some likes!

Photo Mar 21, 10 14 10 AM

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